The world's #1 training for becoming a highly-paid author, speaker, coach, online trainer, or social media influencer!


Here's why this will change your life...

Share your voice, passions and advice with the world... and get paid for it... 

Since 2008, we have trained more authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, and social media influencers on how to START FROM SCRATCH, grow their personal brand and monetize their advice and content... than any other program in the world!

Before Experts Academy, you had to spend tens of thousands of dollars figuring these marketing strategies out.

You had to go to 5 different seminars, or enroll in over 10 different online courses to learn just the marketing basics in each field of writing, speaking, coaching, events, and content marketing. 

Then Experts Academy CHANGED THE GAME. It became the default training for all new thought leaders and it's helped tens of thousands of students change their lives forever


Enroll now for a 7-week online training and coaching program that gives you step-by-step instructions and proven strategies to grow your brand and make sales now! 

There are two parts to the Experts Academy program.

The first part is an online course that is 7 weeks of training on the latest strategies for standing out, building your brand, and monetizing who you are and what you know in the modern digital landscape. 

You can take the course at your own pace, and you have access for life.

The course is built SPECIFICALLY for social influencers, authors, speakers, coaches, and online trainers.

Modules release each week for seven weeks once you enroll, but again you have access to the course for life and can go at your own pace.

The second part of the Experts Academy program is an optional LIVE 4-day seminar, where you can meet 1000 thought leaders from around the world and also learn Brendon's latest strategies in person. 


This program takes you on a deep-dive into the best practices that help you make an impact and a fortune sharing your advice, products and content with the world... and it helps you know HOW to create those things too!

This world-renowned curriculum is EXTREMELY TACTICAL.

You can follow these strategies just have tens of thousands of students worldwide, whether you're just starting or looking for the competitive advantage to stand out and make more sales.

You'll learn:

  1. Week One: How to create your content, positioning and website so you can start building your list, getting sales, and growing your following worldwide.
  2. Week Two: How to stand out and sell anything so you can differentiate yourself and sell highly-lucrative products and services with confidence.
  3. Week Three: How online trainers and thought leaders monetize their content. This answers how you can start building your list, creating online courses and webinars that you charge money for, and setup recurring revenue training programs like monthly subscriptions.
  4. Week 4: How best-selling authors write and promote bestsellers. You'll learn the process for picking your title, writing a book, getting an agent, choosing the right publisher (or self-publishing), and the difference between the three main book-selling promotional campaigns.
  5. Week Five: How speakers can reach more people online than just becoming a road warrior, including running their own seminars and highly-lucrative webcasts. You'll learn how to speak and sell without traveling through videos and live webcasts. You'll also learn how to get booked on the big stages if you prefer traveling.
  6. Week Six: How life coaches and executive coaches get clients and scale their businesses. You know how lucrative coaching has become, but why aren't you coaching yet? You probably don't know where to start, how to coach with an effective process, how to get clients, or how to begin more lucrative group coaching.
  7. Week Seven: How social media thought leaders leverage modern tools to explode their traffic and followers. There IS a right way and wrong way to build your following online, and Brendon shows you what to do on the platforms that matter most.


BOTTOM LINE: You get the same step-by-step blueprints Brendon and thousands of EA graduates have used to get millions of fans, likes, subscribers, and PAYING students!


Launch Exclusives!

Please know that EA sells out FAST every year.
So be decisive - your voice deserves to be heard and YOU can do this!

New! For Beginners: The Thought Leader Roadmap ($497 Value!)

This beginner training primes you for the advanced training in Experts Academy. You'll learn how to position your experience or passions in the marketplace, create and sell products, build your email list, and understand the highly-lucrative business model used by all modern thought leaders.

4-Day Live Seminar! ($1,994 Value!)

As part of your online tuition, you receive two (2) tuition waivers to Experts Academy LIVE! This is the most respected marketing seminar in the world for modern thought leaders. The networking is world-class -- you'll meet nearly 1000 attendees from 20+ countries around the world! Many attendees find promotional partners, mentors and guests for their podcasts, blogs and videos here. Countless blockbuster careers have started in an EA seminar room. It's YOUR turn! Our next event is October 25th-28th, 2018, in Santa Clara, CA. (Attending the live seminar is optional. If you do choose to attend, there will be a separate one-time $97 materials fee charged at the time of registration).

What People Are Saying...


This is one of the world's most successful thought leaders giving YOU his PLAYBOOK!

Meet Your Trainer, Brendon Burchard

For over 10 years, Brendon has been innovating and leading the experts industry.

He is the perfect person to mentor YOU.

Brendon's personal results speak for themselves:

  • 21 online launches that generated over a million dollars each
  • 6 best-selling books in over 20 languages, including the mega-blockbusters The Motivation Manifesto (32 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list); High Performance Habits (Amazon's Top 3 Business Books of 2017); The Charge (Wall Street Journal Bestseller); and the #1 New York Times best-seller that took this entire industry mainstream, The Millionaire Messenger.
  • 200,000,000 views of his videos, with over 10M hours of his training content consumed worldwide.
  • Six years of sold-out seminars with tickets ranging from $1,000-$30,000.
  • A Who's-Who list of coaching clients and students
  • 10 million+ online followers across branded pages
  • Tens of millions of dollars in revenue and marketing insight...
  • Cover of Success Magazine (Oct 2017); Top 100 Most Followed on Facebook; and member of Oprah Winfrey Network's Super Soul 100.

This all sounds fancy... but Brendon began just like YOU!


Just like anyone else, Brendon began with a dream to inspire people.

But he was broke, and he had to LEARN these exact strategies in order to start out, gain momentum, make sales, and become recognized for his emerging expertise.

So don't worry - it's okay if you are just deciding to start this career, or you don't yet know how to find and scale your message and make sales. It's Brendon's JOB to teach you how. 

All you have to do is DESIRE to help people.

The next step is to signup for Experts Academy right now so you get the COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING needed to start now, avoid wasting time, and build a real career and following the RIGHT WAY.

Best of all, you learn from the #1 trainer in the world...


He figured this out the hard way, so that he could make it simple for you to START and WIN right NOW!

No other thought leader in the world did ALL of their own marketing at these levels of results, and in every arena of modern marketing, including launching books, seminars, coaching, social media, podcasts, online courses, and masterminds.

Brendon knows every button to push, email to send, video to create, curriculum to build, post to advertise, funnel that converts, and message that sells and starts positive movements... because he did it all himself for 10 YEARS. (He never had any marketing support for a decade. He wrote every email, made every image, built every webpage, setup every ad and funnel. He knows how to EXPLAIN this stuff so you can DO IT NOW).

In Experts Academy, Brendon breaks it all down in easy-to-understand frameworks and strategies that anyone can do.

These strategies work for EVERYONE... including those just starting.

No matter what your topic is that you want to teach or create content on, and no matter whether or not you have any experience doing this, EA gives you the plan forward.

And don't worry... EA startegies are not exclusive to Brendon's personality.

EA students have become global leaders in their own right, with grads including legends and leaders like Chalene Johnson, Dr. Daniel Amen, Peter Diamandis, Tony Horton, Bo Eason, Roger Love, JJ Virgin, the list goes on ...

... and hundreds of thought leaders from around the globe have gone on to create 7-figure businesses, many of whom you may have never heard of but are CRUSHING it in their markets -- like Paula Abreu from Brazil; Akira Iguchi from Japan; Jean Jacques Crevecoeur from Montreal; David Brower in France; and the list goes on.

EA strategies have also been used by Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey Network, Jeff Walker, Paulo Coelho, Lewis Howes, SUCCESS Magazine, and dozens of major companies hoping to increase sales and connect online.

Is the tuition worth it?

Well, organizations pay $75,000 for a one hour speech from Brendon.

And private clients pay $250,000 for his marketing insight. 

But with Experts Academy, you get Brendon's decade of experience laid out in exacting detail over 7-weeks of training so that you know what to do NOW to launch your brand and get followers and sales.

You could spend 10 years and millions of dollars learning and testing random strategies and idea, or you can invest $1,997 now and get THE PLAN.

Obviously, there is no guarantee you will achieve similar or any results from any program or seminar, including ours, but Brendon gives you a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee -- so if it's not for you, ask for a full and speedy refund. 

How have so many of Brendon's students created such massive impact, HUGE followings and sales, and stunning careers?

They followed the step-by-step strategies in Experts Academy!

Change your life and finally get the map you need for getting paid...



Don't spend a decade and hundreds of thousands of dollars figuring this stuff out when Brendon can save you that time and money! EA shows you exactly what to do, what works now, and what to do first, second and third!

Let Brendon shorten your learning curve and give you the same strategies and checklists he uses.

Sign up today and you'll get ALL of Brendon's best start-from-scratch, step-by-step marketing strategies so that you can start growing your fan base, sales and career RIGHT NOW!


Just start and test it out now.
You have a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Let's get you creating and implementing with more strategy, more focus, more impact.

We can't do it all for you, and we cannot guarantee your specific results by law and common sense, since we don't know you. We can only guarantee that you have to absolutely believe this is the best marketing program in the world for up-and-coming thought leaders...

If you don't agree, or if you don't LOVE the program for any reason, just tell us and we'll give you a 100% refund within 30-days. No hassles. No delay.

YES, you heard us right.

If it's not the best marketing training you've ever seen or heard of in the thought leader industry, then just ask for your complete and speedy refund.

So get signed up right now. Don't wait. Don't put this off. You've come this far. Signup now. Follow that passion in your heart. Do what you know needs to be done right now and get enrolled. You can start right now with the first week's lesson. If you don't like it, ask for your money back. But get in the game. This is your year!


Just test this out and if it's not for you ask for a refund within 30 days.

But signup NOW because this offer closes FEBRUARY 6TH!


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